Muyoli Christian

The Best of the Best – Muyoli Christian

Zamundele – Kinshasa’s Super Songster

A young man from Kinshasa who has albinism has achieved third place in Vodacom’s ‘Best of the Best’ competition in July 2015. Aged 26, Muyoli Christian is also known as Zamundele and for his excellent singing voice and impressive stage presence.

Humble beginnings

Muyoli comes from a poor family and is the eldest of four children, born to Jean-Pierre Beteya and Mamie Konde. He was born in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in June 1989, and started singing at a very young age. Muyoli was only eight years old when he started performing songs at his church. Due to financial restraints, Muyoli was not able to finish his secondary education.

Music soothes the soul

Despite setbacks, the young man did not lose his passion for music, and continued to dream of stardom. By the time he was 14, the singer joined an established band from his local town Bandundu. The band had already released an album and Muyoli was keen to launch his musical career as soon as possible. The Vodacom Best of the Best contest was an ideal opportunity for him to keep the momentum of his career going.

The hope of a bright future

The star of Bandundu participated in Best of the Best, where he gave an energetic performance that landed him the third spot. Muyoli Christian is not only a skilled showman with a golden voice; he is also an ambassador for albinism sufferers across the world, proving that they too can follow their dreams. Muyoli’s performances are heartfelt and exude an air of honesty and simplicity. His presence on stage touches every member of the audience personally; not a single soul is left indifferent. Although this is just the start of his journey to recognition in the music industry, young Muyoli has already made a great impression.


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