School with school children at their desks.

The Gertler Family Foundation Cares about Education

Helping Albino Children – The Gertler Family Foundation and the Mwimba Texas Foundation

During September 2013 the Mwimba Texas Foundation made an appeal for the support of albinos and other marginalised groups in the DRC. In response to this, the Gertler Family Foundation (GFF) made a pledge to work with Mwimba Texas to improve all aspects of these people’s lives.

Working together to improve education

One of the main projects that the Mwimba Texas Foundation and the Gertler Family Foundation are collaborating on, is to improve the education of albino children. Their efforts include an initiative in which albino children receive educational sponsorship. This is also part of the White Ebony project, a charitable initiative started in 1998. Mamie Kabongolo, Communications Officer at the Gertler Family Foundation, spoke about the organization’s commitment to Mwimba Texas and the plight of marginalised children, like those living with Albinism. Through the Foundation’s continued support these children are given the opportunity to enjoy unexpected privileges.

Improvement through education

The project involves sponsoring as many as 20 albino students to complete their entire education – from kindergarten through to tertiary education. Mamie Kabongolo also explained that the sponsorship and donation of school supplies is intended to allow children to start their school year with relative ease.

Celebrating success

A celebration ceremony in honour of the future success of Congolese albinos was held on 4th of September 2015. Around 500 people from the albino community were in attendance, including Yan Mambo, an activist for albino rights and Christian Muyoli, an albino singer and entertainer. Also present was former wrestler and philanthropist Mwimba Texas, and a delegate of the governor of Kinshasa. Because of the generosity of the Gertler Family Foundation co-founded by Dan Gertler, and Mwimba Texas, the albino beneficiaries are not only ready for their school year, but are also looking forward to a brighter future.


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