GFF at the Pan Africa Albinism Conference

Pan Africa Albinism Conference

On November 19-22, charity organization Under The Same Sun (UTSS) hosted its first Pan Africa Albinism Conference, to promote understanding and awareness towards people with albinism, as well as to strengthen the cooperation between UTSS, PWA (People With Albinism) and international groups. Through this trilingual (English, French, and Kiswahili) conference, UTSS hopes to reach as broad an audience as possible and to recruit more support for their goal of improving the status of albinos in their communities. Many believe in the vision of the organization and showed their support by participating in the conference. Among these is the Gertler Family Foundation (GFF), which was represented by Mamie Kabongolo, its Communication Manager.

Mwimba Texas and Mamie Kabangolo
Under The Same Sun

Across the world, people with albinism are often discriminated against, marginalized, and even killed because of their misunderstood condition. Although UTSS operates globally, it mostly focuses on providing support and solutions for PWA in Tanzania. UTSS believes social inclusion should be achieved peacefully and respectfully, which is why it focuses on education and advocacy to promote its goals.

Gertler Family Foundation

In addition to supporting developing communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the GFF dedicates resources to help albino children achieve proper education. This commitment is evident in its sponsorship of the “White Ebony” project as well as the GFF’s sponsorship of 20 albino children from childhood to adulthood, in order to improve their daily lives. As part of the organization’s overall dedication to improving the social status of albinos, Mamie Kabongolo will participate in the UTSS’s conference as a way of reinforcing the cooperation between the different organizations that made it their goal to advance a more peaceful and accepting way of life.

Texas Mwimba and Peter Ash the Founder of Under The Same Sun


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