Patricia Willocq's project

The Gertler Family Foundation Supports Albinism through Art

Patricia Willocq’s Exhibition at the Belgian Parliament

On 15 November 2015, the Gertler Family Foundation (GFF) had the privilege of participating in the opening of talented photographer Patricia Willocq’s photography exhibition, featuring ‘Blanc Ebene’ (‘White Ebony’) project, which the GFF sponsored. White Ebony documents albinism in Africa, and the theme of Willocq’s entire exhibition was tolerance, testifying to the ongoing commitment of the GFF and its fellow organisations to supporting and increasing awareness towards disadvantaged communities Africa. It was a tremendous honour to have the exhibition opening attended by a representative of the Royal Family of Belgium.

Photos for Peace

One of the pieces displayed at the exhibition, ‘Look at Me I Am Beautiful’, won Patricia the Alfred Fried 2015 Award for best picture on the theme of Peace, which was presented to her by Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi. The photo depicts the surviving victims of sexual abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), shown as beautiful survivors women who want the world to look at them as such! Another of Willocq’s award-winning images, ‘White Ebony’, which received the UNICEF Photo of the Year award for 2013, was also on display at her Belgian exhibition. It belongs to a wide range of photographs by the artist that aim at increasing awareness towards albinism in Africa.

The GFF’s Ongoing Support

As part of the GFF’s general support of children and victims of violence and sexual abuse, the organization has allocated funds in support of Patricia Willocq’s White Ebony project, and is proud to see it gain the recognition it deserves. The GFF sees education as the key to promoting social tolerance and increasing awareness towards less privileged people in the DRC, and Willocq’s photographs offer an exceptional opportunity to promote peace through art. With the ongoing support of the GFF such projects will hopefully continue to flourish.


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