Women Celebrate Women's Day

International Women’s Day with Gertler Family Foundation

Celebrating Women Across the World in the DRC

On 8 March 2016 the Gertler Family Foundation (GFF) celebrated International Women’s Day with the women and girls of Mombele, in the district of N’Sele in Kinshasa – the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). On this eventful Tuesday, the coordinator of the Foundation and several guests attended the celebrations. The GFF is known for providing continuous support to women in the DRC by offering educational projects that are not only geared to improve the participants’ living conditions, but also to advance the overall development of the local community as a whole.

Training Programs That Empower Women

Last year the GFF started offering an ongoing and successful training program focused on literacy. Over 100 women participated in the initiative, in which they were trained to speak, read, and write in French. The ladies achieved a remarkable level of understanding of the language after completing the program, and were able to use what the skills they learned in their daily lives, business, and development.

Much to Celebrate

This year’s International Women’s Day festivities coincided with the launch of the second phase of the GFF’s Training for Women program. It will involve approximately 60 women who have been selected to receive training in the fields of cutting out patterns and sewing, hairdressing, and culinary arts. The goal of this project is to provide the women with practical skills that can be used to enhance their lives. It is the hope of the GFF that this initiative will also help the women to find new work, or start their own businesses so that they may provide for their families.

The Foundation believes that the conditions in which the women of the DRC live in are far from ideal, and should be improved. The GFF plans to work towards this goal by commissioning and supporting various community and social development programs, and continuing to work with Congolese women to make a difference.


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